Ecus Care: The mattress to prevent plagiocephaly

Ecus Care: The mattress to prevent plagiocephaly

Plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome can develop during the first year of age. During the first months of life, the baby’s head is very sensitive and it is still developing and the head bones are not completely joined. Preassure at labour or while the baby sleeps on the mattress can help to develop plagiocephaly. Plagiocephaly is becoming popular in babies since doctors’ support the “Back to sleep” campaign from the 90’s. In this campaign, parents are advised to put babies on their backs to sleep, which helps to avoid Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Ecus Care, specially designed to prevent plagiocephaly

The mattress choice is very important. We have to take into consideration that babies are always sleeping on their backs (or should be according to doctors) and weight disproportion of the head and body are significant during the first months of life.
A mattress that helps to prevent plagiocephaly can become an useful tool to prevent this syndrome. A mattress designed for this purpose will not put any preassure on the baby’s head.

Ecus Care: What is it made of?

Ecus Care is made of two parts and can be joined thanks to a zipper. The lower part is firmer and gives a good support to the mattress in general. This helps to keep the baby in a safe position while s/he sleeps. The upper part is breathable and easily adapts to the baby’s body.
The 3D fabric and the design of the foam let air freely flow. This helps to avoid heat build-up. The foam used to create the core is a long-lasting and baby-proof foam. The foam supports the baby weight easily and stands the test of time. The design of the foam reduces preassure up to 70%.

Ecus Care: Advantages

Ecus Care has been designed to prevent and avoid plagiocephaly. This mattress is the perfect solution to avoid this syndrome. The perimetral zippers allows the topping and base to be separated, thus, we can use the topping as a travel mattress and take it with us in our trips. This will help the baby to sleep and s/he will not miss his/her home mattress.
To be able to use the topping as a travel mattress is seen by many parents as a big advantage. They are saving money and there is no need to buy a travel mattress that will only be used from time to time.

Ecus Care is trustworthy

Ecus Care has the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, a demanding test that makes sure that fabrics and raw materials do not have harmful substances. Added to this, Ecus Care is the only mattress in Ecus Kids with health registration.